I’m Karen Dikson, and I’m really glad to see you at my website. I started this project with an intention to build an online community of students who share an interest: finding the best writing service of all.

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Let me share a thing or two about myself, so you’ll understand why this reviewing service means so much to me.

I got an MA degree in Marketing & Media from Rutgers University. I worked as a college instructor for four years after earning my degree. Currently, I work as a full-time marketer and edu blogger. I am based in New Jersey, but I travel a lot and I’m currently writing this from windy Scotland.

I’ve published articles on HuffPost, StudyUSA.com, Collegeraptor.com, NBC News Learn, and other authoritative resources. I’m not saying this to brag; I’m using the facts to prove that I wouldn’t ruin my reputation as a writer by offering any false information at this website.


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How the Idea of Top Paper Writing Services Started

As a student at college and graduate school, I didn’t face serious problems with academic writing assignments. I’ve always enjoyed writing. However, I watched my friends struggle with assignments all the time. Even though I enjoyed most of the assignments, I wasn’t immune to troubles. Professors assign so many of them that it’s impossible to complete everything on time.

It’s like they have a deal to burden students beyond their limitations. Each professor has a firmly established stance that they teach the most important course of all. If you ask them to postpone a deadline because you’re working on another project for another course, they are offended. Most of them don’t understand why the students struggle. They refuse to collaborate and you’re left with no other option but to order content online.

I’ve been there.

I’ve done that.

And I’ve used all kinds of services, from freelancing platforms to dedicated services that deliver papers to students.

Some of them were great, but others were a complete waste of money, time, and nerves.

The idea for this website came during a reunion with my dearest college friends. We were talking about all the fun times and all the struggles. We remembered how we all used to order papers online, and we shared a few horror stories.

I started this website two months later and here we are, offering clean reviews of all writing services we’ve tested so far. Two of my college friends joined the team of reviewers, and we attracted a few other reviewers who were interested in the idea.

At this point, the website features dozens of reviews on some of the top essay writing services. The list grows by the day, so feel free to offer us suggestions for sites to evaluate.