Best Essay Writing Service and Where to Find It

Do you know how many sites claim to be the best essay writing services around? We’ve reviewed dozens so far. There are many others on our list, waiting to be reviewed. All of them claim to be the best ones. But during the process of developing essay writing service reviews, we realized that not all claims tend to be true. Many services fall short of expectations. Some give you straightforward lies on their websites.

There are scams, and there are perfect writing services. Our intention is to reveal the reality behind the promises you see on the sites. does that by teaching you how to evaluate different services and by giving you great reviews based on real experience.

Top 10 Essay Writing Services in 2023

Ranking Company Rating Review
9.9 is one of the very few companies that provide a wide range of academic services and trusted by a huge number of students. Starting from the popular essays, research papers, and dissertations, to some less commonly assigned papers like marketing plans and subject-specific assignments. Read the full Best Essays Review.
Rush essay writing service has been on the writing market since 1997, and is popular among students for their constant innovations and high-quality papers provided to the existing and new customers. Impressive list of services. Read the full Rush Essay Review.
9.5 is a professional essay and dissertation writing service with PhD and MA writers in their team. They operate on the market for a long time and highly recommended by their customers due to reliability and affordable prices. Read the full Best Dissertation review.
9.0 has created a quite simple, yet very informative website for their customers. In addition to this, their best writers have created samples for each of the offered services, which allows you to check the quality of writing prior place an order. Read the full Essay on Time Review.
College-Paper is widely known as one of the best paper writing services for college students, they offer reasonable prices for essays and guarantees high quality. We did check their work. Read reviews. Learn more about its pros & vons, writers qualification, prices and customer reviews.
8.6 service offers a variety of deadlines, and gives you the opportunity to order your paper within 3 hours only! Available 24/7. Most writing services offer the shortest deadline of 8 hours, if not 24 hours, but this one is an exception. Read the full Best Essay Review.
RushMyEssay company is well-established and works perfectly in many countries, and receive positive feedback from students over the world. There is still a lot you should know about this paper writing service. Read Rush My Essay Review.
Check out detailed SuperiorPapers review to find out whether they really provide the best paper writing services to solve your academic struggles. And why so many students rate this service so high. Read the full SuperiorPapers Review.
Pro Essay Writing service is gaining popularity among students for the last few years. Qualified subject-specific writers, discounts, and much more. Read the full ProEssayWriting Review to find out why this service deserves a place in our best essay writing service list.
Easy-Essay is a gem in the industry standing tall with pride. They offer totally authentic and plagiarism-free contents at fair prices. Read the full Review.

Why You Might Need the Best Essay Writing Service in USA?

It’s impossible to assume how many students from the USA are hiring the best paper writing services. These agencies keep their customers anonymous, and that’s the way it should be.

U.S. Department of Education report shows, that almost 2000 high schools, across the US graduate less than 60% of their students. According to our own research among students, we realized that 68% of the customers need the best essay writing service because they don’t have time to complete all assignments.

According to a national survey, conducted by Challenge Success, 5 percent of high schoolers and 50 percent of middle schoolers said, that they often or always feeling stressed by homework.

The other common reasons include:

  • Not enough experience with the particular type of assignment. A student may be great at writing essays, but they’ve never written a research paper before. For this challenge, they might need help from a pro writer.
  • Professors don’t guide students through the writing process. Was anyone born as a great writer? No. Then why do teachers expect us to write without any training whatsoever?
  • It’s okay to acknowledge the fact that some students are in the fixed mindset and simply don’t want to bother with challenging tasks. But our research showed that this percentage is very small: out of 100 students who need assistance, only 5 hire services because they don’t want to make an effort.

Is It Safe to Hire the Best Paper Writing Services?

There’s quite a debate around this issue.

Is buying essays online safe?

Yes; the top essay writing services are safe to hire. They have strong terms and conditions, which guarantee that your information will not be shared. Also, it’s important to note that they only deliver custom-tailored papers that are free of any sign of plagiarism. When you submit such a paper, your teacher won’t doubt that you got it online.

This is the exact reason why the best essay writing services do not offer rewriting/paraphrasing. That’s a risky service that puts you in the dark zone of plagiarism.

According to research by Rutgers University and the International Center for Academic Integrity, 42% of 300 surveyed students, admitted they purchased custom papers, essays and other assignments online.

But remember, you’ll be safe only with trusted services that’s proven to work. That’s what our reviews are for.

How can a teacher know if you used an essay writing service?

In no way. If you use the top essay writing services that work only with professional writers and provide you with quality, non-plagiarized paper, your teacher will never know that you used essay writing services.

“Is the use of these services a form of plagiarism? No, as plagiarism implies stealing someone else’s work and calling it one’s own. Top essay writing services are actually providing brand-new papers, no one else’s work is being stolen without consent.”
Richard Gunderman, professor at Indiana University –

Who Stands Behind Top Essay Writing Services?

The essay companies reviewed on this website are mainly US-based. Some companies tend to use non-native writers, which is easy to catch when you get a paper or get through customers’ testimonials. After doing this, we always know which companies use native writers and which companies are scam services.

Thanks to reviews on, you can know who stands behind each reviewed service and what you can expect of them.

Are essay writing services worth it?

Definitely yes! According to a study provided by America’s Promised Alliance (chaired by Colin and Alma Powell), over 30% of students in the US failing to graduate high school. So it’s better to get professional help than lose out due to several failed papers.

Diana Oblinger, an author on said that higher education must move beyond the fear of what we have to lose with online technologies and new educational models. Different models serve different needs. For higher education to achieve its mission, we owe it to ourselves and society to use online technologies and services well and wisely. It can be a game changer.

“Maybe it’s time to reinvent the entire educational system before we can continue blaming students for being ingenious.”
Dark Side of Higher Education –

How to Distinguish the Top Essay Writing Services from Scams

There are a few indicators that let you recognize the best essay writing service:

  • Its website is clean. There’s no clutter of unnecessary text. You won’t see a menu of services that lists “write my essay, essay writing, write my paper, buy an essay,” and other keywords that serve no real purpose.
  • The terms are clear, and they go to your favor. You should be protected with a Privacy Policy, and you should get guarantees for timely delivery, 100% plagiarism-free content, free revisions, and 24/7 customer support.
  • The reputation of this service should be good. This is the point when you should check reviews of the best dissertation writing services.

Now let’s focus on the other side. Are there any signs that help you recognize a scam in this industry?

  • The website only appeared, but it already claims that it’s the top agency in the industry. You’ll see claims that they’ve delivered thousands of papers so far, and they have a team of hundreds of writers. If it’s a new site, those claims are probably not true.
  • Everything seems fine, but then you see the dreaded rewriting or paraphrasing in the list of services. If the company offers such a service, it’s most likely that you’ll get a paraphrased paper even if you order writing from scratch.
  • You try to contact the customer service, which is supposed to be available 24/7. But the chat is maintained by a bot, and you don’t get clear answers to your direct questions.
  • You’re asked to provide an email address to see what the prices are. Don’t do that! You’ll be getting tons of spam. Plus, you may become a victim of phishing.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring the Best Dissertation Writing Service

Even if you hire the ultimate agency after reading a positive dissertation writing services review, you may make a few mistakes that will impact the end result.

Let’s list the common mistakes that students make when hiring the best paper writing service:

  • You don’t provide enough details in the order form

The form requires all details for the paper you want to get. Many students rush through it, so they choose the wrong citation style and they don’t bother typing the instructions that their professors gave. They end up with a paper that’s great, but is not suitable for their needs. In this case, it’s not the writer’s fault that the paper doesn’t work. The company won’t provide revisions.

To avoid that situation, pay close attention to the ordering process. On average, it takes around 10 minutes to complete the form. Be very detailed and tell the team what you expect.

  • You don’t check your email

Maybe the writer will need more information from you. Maybe some of your guidelines are contradictory, so they want to clarify them before they start.

Plus, you have to check your email before the deadline, so you can download the paper, check it, and request revisions if necessary.

  • You don’t read the paper

Many customers of writing services assume their content is great, so they don’t bother reading it. You have to go through the essay before you submit it. Even if it’s perfect, you must know what it’s about. Your professor might ask you a question about the paper. Can you imagine the awkward situation when you don’t know the answer?

How to Find Best Essay Writing Service

These simple steps will guide you to the best essay writing service:

  • Browse through different websites. You’ll probably find a few that get your attention with fair prices and good guarantees.
  • Read the best dissertation writing services reviews to narrow down your list. It’s important to rely on a company with positive social proof.
  • If you don’t find a review on the company you’re interested in, we can test it for you. Just drop team a message and we’ll add the website to our “to review” list.

It’s easy to buy an awesome paper online. But first, you have to make a safe choice!