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Some companies make it easy to find their flaws. They have flawed websites or their reputations are so terrible, you need to stay away from them. But then, out of nowhere, you come across a company that has it all figured out. This Best essays review started that way. We checked one of the most detailed and impressive website, ordered one of the best papers we’ve received, and couldn’t find a single BestEssays review that spoke badly of the service.

From the very beginning, we knew that this review will go well. However, we still had to check if the company is legit, and not just highly rated on Reddit and other websites. So, we proceeded with our research.

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The starting part of our research was focused on what you can get from Best Essays as their customer. Now that we’ve ordered, seen what they have and can do, we can tell you that here – you can order just about anything you need.

Bestessays has been really popular for a really long time now. Their number of writers has grown with the popularity, and so has their service list. So, right now, the company is offering any service to any student from any academic institution. They even have some of the most impressive deadline options, seeing how they can deliver even the hardest papers within only hours.

They deliver essays and similar papers within a minimum of just 3 hours, while they can do an entire dissertation for students within just 48 hours.

Of course, you won’t be getting their best quotes if you wait this long to order. The best prices apply to the longest deadline options.

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Honestly, we didn’t expect to see low rates here because is one of the best essay writing services. We were right about it – this is not a cheap service. It’s far from a cheap service, in fact. Not everyone can afford their rates, especially not the ones that are given for shorter deadlines.

But, with the use of the Bestessays discount code – begin15 and their existing loyalty program, we were rather happy with what the final quote for our paper was. The company is nicely priced if you consider its reputation and the guarantees of quality they always seem to offer.

High school students need to pay at least $23.30 per page for an essay at this company’s website without the discounts. This is a price for a 10-days deadline. College students are charged $24.41 per page, undergraduate students are charged $25.52 per page, while a Master’s student is charged $28.85 per page for an essay. Finally, a PhD student would be asked to pay $33.29 per page for an essay within 10 days without the added discounts.

Discounts & Additional Features

Discounts repair the issue with the pricing significantly. With the discounts, and there are plenty of discount options, almost every student can afford to buy an important paper from this service. Those who are ordering for the first time get 15% by using the discount code which is all over the website and applies to orders over $50. The ones who like the quality and return for more get up to 15% discounts, but this time lifetime discounts, which means that they can use them on all the orders they make from the same profile.

To get to those discounts, students need to order more than 15 pages for 5% discount, more than 51 pages for 10% discount, and more than 101 pages for 15% discount.

There are some other features that you’ll find when you order. These are considerably priced and include optional services like VIP support and paper done by their top 10 writers. We didn’t choose the additional features and still received one of the best papers we’ve seen in a long, long time. Whether you choose to pay extra for some of their features or not, it is up to you. What we can tell you at this point is that this service deserves top marks in our evaluation.

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Thanks For This Bestessays Review

Thanks for this bestessays review, because somebody needed to say something awesome about them. I have been using them forever, since nobody ever knew about them. No plagiarism, no rudeness, no late deliveries. Everything is on point, I can’t complain about anything. Try them out, I sincerely recommend it.

November 1, 2018
George Napier

I Am So Happy With The Prices

I have used their discount code plenty of times, and I am so happy with the prices. They have competitive prices, but it’s for a good reason. They give you quality, so you need to pay a good price for it, which I am happy to do. Plus with a coupon code, you don’t really feel it. Great writing team.

October 9, 2018
Diane Sanchez


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