We Help Students Make the Right Choices

Every review on this website is created with the sole purpose of helping you make the best choice regarding your academic assignments. We are expert reviewers who work tirelessly to deliver real and unbiased reviews, based on thorough evaluation of various features of the writing company in question.

Detecting fraudulent companies is hard, but actually finding the best one is the hardest task. There will be such services that scam students and deliver no papers at all, but others will only be good at several features. None of the two is a good choice for your papers.

It is that simple – if a company has good writers, but their prices are over the roof, you cannot afford them on a student’s budget. If a company has amazingly cheap prices, but holds a reputation of low quality writing, they are not worth even the smallest investment. And finally, there are those companies who have a small list of services or bad customer support service, which provides you with no guarantees whatsoever.

What you are looking for is a combo of it all – prices, quality of papers, and quality of service.

Our Methodology

We take our time to evaluate every key feature of a writing service. In order to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision, we take a look at the following features:

  • Range of Writing Services
  • Unlike what many students think, the range of writing services is very important. You wouldn’t want to finally find a company and realize they offer only one or several papers. This would mean that you’d have to go over the entire process of finding a new service if your paper is not in the company’s list.

    The more services a company offers, the better. Surely, there are also those companies that offer every paper you may need, but do not have the writers who can write them all.

    Of course, this is something we evaluate in the Quality Evaluation section.

  • Pricing, Discounts and Payment Policy
  • Prices are perhaps the biggest factor in choosing a writing service for a student. Most students have limited budgets, which is why they often pick those incredibly cheap services and get a low quality paper in return. This serves to show you that the cheapest services simply cannot be the best there are. For a company to hire the best writers to work on their papers, they need to offer prices that are worthy of such high quality.

    Of course, we do not strive to find the most expensive services and tell you – this is what you need. We know how hard it can be to juggle studies and living expenses, which is why we are recommending something in the averagely priced category. If the quality of service and content is good, an average price is a solid bargain.

  • Quality Evaluation
  • This is the part where we order from the service to confirm or reject the promises they make on the website. We order a paper from the evaluated service, and inform you of our experience.

  • Customer Support

The final step is checking how the customer support works. In order to do this, we get in touch with the company’s agents and request guidance with the ordering process, some information that are not included in the website content, or a revision or refund based on our experience with the service. Then, we evaluate their professionalism and availability.