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Checking and rating writing websites can be disappointing at times because most companies don’t add up to their big promises or meet the expectations of users. So, when we finally got our chance to read some of the many great Rush my essay reviews, we knew that there is something good going on in this service.

Rush My Essay company is well-established and works perfectly in many countries, even continents. Students from the US, UK, and Australia constantly praise this service for exquisite writings and more frequently, great support. But, even though this is big and important, there is still a lot you should know about this service. If you want to learn the details, keep reading this review.

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Rushmyessay lost some of its points with us because of the website content. The important data is all there, but some things are harder to find than others. For example, there isn’t a page where you can read about the papers they offer. You should go to the pricing page or, if you are ready to order, to their ordering form to see your options.

This is minimal considering that their list is grand. There’s everything in there for all students and even more importantly, within even the shortest of deadlines. In just three hours, you can get smaller projects like essays, research papers, and even the term papers that require a great deal of work to be completed. For complicated papers of bigger quantity such as dissertations, you need to order at least 48 hours ahead which again gives you a really great late option.

Of course, ordering so close to the deadline is never a recommended option since it carries the highest prices in the list. But, it’s still good to know that whatever you need, rush-my-essay has it.


The lowest offered rate at which you can get an essay or similar papers here is $19.99. Interestingly, this is also the lowest quote for dissertations. It’s great news but for dissertations, you need to order 2 months ahead to get this quote.

Now, this kind of pricing isn’t ideal for those who don’t have a big budget and a lot to spare, but the fact is, this service has the popularity and reputation of some of the highest priced companies out there. For the quality and reputation they have, these prices are quite the catch.

The prices at the service are split into three categories for quality and various deadline categories. You can order a paper with standard, premium, or platinum quality. With the dissertations, you need to choose your academic level instead of a quality option. It’s a strange system, but the pricing is really fair.

That being said, if you need something for lower academic levels, the standard and premium options are a fine choice. But if you need something more complicated or for Master’s or PhD level, you need the platinum quality. Thankfully, the discrepancy in prices between these categories is minimal, so the difference won’t add up to a lot.

Not to mention, they have discounts that are calculated on the base price and make things much better. Let’s see what the system looks like.

Discounts & Additional Features

When we ordered here we received a discount for 15% off as their first-time customer. This discount is applied to your initial order as long as you use the code presented on the site. This code seems to change throughout the years, so it’s best that you look for it on the homepage.

That 15% discount is long-standing and quite a good option. In addition to it, we were told that Rush My Essay has a loyalty program that works by accumulating pages you’ve ordered. If you order from this service frequently and get up to 101 pages in total, you will always get this great offer. It’s a common discount program that many companies share and a good one for that matter.

With the discount, the pricing became more bearable. But the point when we finally got to appreciate the fine pricing was when we received a paper. We were given a chance to pick between some additional features such as VIP program, paper written by their top 10 writers, another proofreading by an expert editor, etc. These have a really low cost, so picking them won’t empty your wallet, but they are optional.

We did not pick the ‘top 10 writers’ option and yet, the person who did our paper was one of the top experts who have worked on something we’ve ordered online. This is the biggest reason why this company receives such high praise from us.

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