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If you search for 123HelpMe reviews online, you won’t find too many of them. Why is that the case? Here’s one possible explanation: students are afraid to use the service. They don’t get unique work here; they just download pre-written papers. Plus, the final price is not clearly outlined, so they end up paying more than expected. Even the essays labeled as Free are not really free. You have to pay $2 to access the service for 2 days. But if you don’t cancel the membership, 123HelpMe will start charging $30 per month without your approval.

For additional essays of higher quality, you’ll need to pay the download.
It seems scary, but it’s also kind of convenient to access an essay when you need one. We decided to review this service from the inside, so we’ll tell you exactly how it works.

To put it shortly: the quality of the essays is questionable, you get charged more than you expect, and there’s no option for a refund. Using 123HelpMe is very risky. Read on; there’s more information in our review.

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The website is mostly focused on essays and research papers. So you cannot hope to find case studies, dissertation chapters, or any other type of academic content. Just essays. There are research papers, but most of them can’t be called that.

As for essays, you can find them on all kinds of topics. There are argumentative, description, persuasive, personal, informative, and classification essays. The problem is that they are not categorized well. When you need a paper, you’ll search with a keyword that matches the topic. Then, you’ll see a list of papers but you won’t be sure what types of essays you’re looking at.

Of course; you can get hints from the preview. But you still have to pay for the full essay. What if your professor asked for a classification essay, but you get an argumentative paper instead? It will be useless.


This is where the real problems start. You don’t see clear prices at the website. We browsed and browsed, only to find some info in the terms and conditions. But that wasn’t enough. There’s just billing mentioned, but they don’t tell you how much you’ll be charged and what the terms are.

We got access to the actual prices only when we signed up for the service. We realized that you can access the website for two days if you pay $2. But the free papers were not good, and the other ones came with rather high prices. For pre-written content, $20 is too much.

To make things worse, they charged the card for $30 as soon as those two days went by. That’s a huge problem, since most students will forget to cancel the membership. There are no refunds here. You can’t get that money back.

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If you like using this service for a reason, you’ll benefit from paying for membership on the long term. On a monthly basis, it costs $29.95. If you get the 3-month membership, it will cost $19.95 per month. And if you get the 12-month membership, it will cost you $9.95 per month (billed as $199.40 annually).

But let’s get real: who writes essays for 12 months straight? This membership option is ridiculous, since no student has a realistic need for it. Plus, it’s highly likely that you’ll forget to cancel the membership and you’ll be charged another $200 on the same day next year. That won’t be a pleasant surprise.

The billing method at is a real problem.

The biggest issue is that you have to pay an additional price to download better essays. And you’re still not getting unique content. You’ll pay a lot only to risk submitting the same paper that another student is going to present as their own.

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