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Urgent top essay writing services are offered by many writing companies nowadays, but by this point, Fast Essay is the first one that offers a deadline of 2 hours. Most have deadlines of 8 hours as their first offer, and some have as little as three. This means meeting deadlines that short is very hard. To achieve this, FastEssay needs to hire the greatest writers.

In the FastEssay reviews, we’ve read a completely different story. Not many have ordered their shortest-deadline essays since this isn’t a very popular company, after all. However, in the reviews we read, the results of speedy orders with this service are very bad. That’s why we decided to do our own check and write this FastEssay review.

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The website is one of the most complicated, confusing sites we have reviewed. It took us hours to find the most important information. It’s so strangely designed and poorly organized, we doubt that students take their fair share of time to spend it searching for information such as a service list.
If you’re searching for one, search no more. There isn’t any. Since the name has ‘essay’ in it, it is safe to assume that they put essays as their focus. But, they also offer different papers you can only see in the order form.

Once we checked the order form, we learned a lot that you can’t learn by checking the site itself. is, in fact, a bidding company. This means that you need to place and order, wait for bids, and hire a writer of your choosing. It takes a lot of time, which is something students don’t have when they need to meet a two-hour deadline. So, what’s the point of their main feature, really?


No prices are listed due to the fact that this isn’t a fixed-priced service. For the purpose of our FastEssay review, we entered our e-mail to see the list of services, as well as an approximate price we would pay. We also placed an order to see how high and low the bids would go.

Even though the order form gave what they call an ‘expected’ price of $40 for a page for their very urgent deadline of 2 hours, the bids that came were both much lower and much higher than this. We were surprised to see that some of their writers are willing to write an urgent essay for less than $20 for a page, something that most reputable companies charge for a deadline of around two weeks!

The deadline was short, so we didn’t give them much time to bid. After all, if a student is found in a situation where they need a fast essay, they will hardly spend their time waiting for bidders. They also need to review those bidders to choose a writer, which leaves them with almost no time to order the paper.
It took us an hour to go through this all, so if students have a short deadline, they better start fast. To choose a good writer, they’d have to check all the bidders. We did this and judged by the quality we received, the writers’ profiles aren’t at all realistic or checked by the service.

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Nothing is categorized or explained on the website, really. Since there are no prices, look for no discounts. This is not applicable to bidding services. You get what you bargain for, so you might want to discuss rates with the bidders. The good news is, you can talk to them to discuss the price.

But, because of their reputation and our very disappointing experience with the system and the paper, we don’t see why students would trust the bidders when they present their lists of qualifications and portfolios. As reviews say about this company, no feature is realistically presented on the website, not to mention the background and expertise that the writers claim they have.

There are some ‘top writers’ you can pay to select and order if you want the safest way to get the paper here. But, in our case, even the best writer with the highest quote did not deliver a good paper.

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