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According to the website, is supposed to be a top-rated service. But, the Masterpapers reviews we read say otherwise. In fact, we were very surprised by the number of bad reviews. The company doesn’t seem to be anything like what the website says. Even so, we decided to give it a test drive and order a paper, as well as look at their features and services. The answers to all our questions and our experiences are discussed in this Masterpapers review.

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This is the part that impressed and confused us the most. The list of services at Masterpapers is really great because they have a myriad of different papers you can order when you need them. But, the thing that confused us is that they decided to combine resume services in their offer. This is a completely different kind of service, often unrelated to academic work. To provide it, one would have to work with two kinds of writers – academic and employment experts.

Some of the services aren’t discussed or explained so, to make this Master Papers review clearer, we reached out and asked. More specifically, we asked about the ‘all application package’. This is only given as an option in the list, but there’s no information about what it includes.

To your information, it includes a resume and a cover letter – the two application services that the company has in their list. You can’t really call it a package when they combine the two and give a higher quote than you’d pay if you order them separately, but that’s what happens here.

Despite this flaw, we were still happy at this point because the service list was good. That is, until we learned about the quality and the pricing.


The pricing is seemingly low at Master Papers, but only at first sight. Take a close look and you’ll notice – this isn’t a cheap company at all. Their lower rates look appealing, but if you consider that they apply to a deadline of 20 days for a high school level, they aren’t realistic at all. What high school student gets a paper to write within 20 days?

To get this unrealistic service, you will enjoy a quote of $14.03 for a page. It’s not too low or too high, but the higher the level and the shorter the deadline, their prices go drastically higher. For example, a high school student who orders an essay within a more reasonable deadline such as a week will pay $16.23 per page. An undergraduate student will pay $20.49 per page for that same paper.

These prices aren’t yet high and would be perfect with the added discount if the quality was also good. But, the reputation they have does not allow us to see this pricing as realistic or consider the service a trustworthy one.

Discounts and Additional Features

Everything is so confusing when it comes to discounts! When we opened the homepage, a pop up showed up offering us 10% off. When we scrolled down on the page, it said that new customers get 15% off their first order. We were happy that we didn’t use their first offer right away, since it would cost us 5% that you can get as a new customer.

This isn’t the only thing that’s confusing about their discounts. You can’t find anything about loyalty or bulk discounts and yet, they mention such find offers. The support told us that they don’t have a special discount at the moment, but as soon as we get back for another paper, we can reach out to them and ask for one. Basically, they avoided our question and provided us with no real information, so it’s safe to assume that all you can get is the first time discount.

Finally, you can choose between the extra services: get an initial draft that contains 30% of the finished paper, plagiarism report, 1 page summary, quality check, or make the order high priority. The cost of this is very steep. For example, the quality check will cost you an extra 70% on top of the price for your order. Apparently, if you don’t choose this, no one edits your paper. From what people say about the quality and what we experienced, this is actually what happens.

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