Review is an online platform where high school and college students can get help with their homework tasks. According to their website, their company is number 1 on the market when it comes to successful courses and accomplished tasks and assignments. In our opinion, their main website provides very little valuable information. We could also find out that besides completing homework tasks, they can also help with completing different projects or even take tests.

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On their website, they also state that the company works only with highly accomplished professionals with PhD degrees, MBAs and other career driven experts such as lawyers. Unfortunately, we could not verify and confirm this fact, because they do not display the full realistic biographies of these experts on the website. Any highly respectable company will present its staff with a full bio and verifiable information such as contact details or other details. We also searched for reliable client reviews, but there were none displayed on their site. This is why we consider that this company is not fully reliable from this point of view.

List of services

According to several genuine pay me to do your homework reviews, this service offers a very limited range of services. Generally, students need help with a wide variety of academic tasks including term papers, essays, Dissertations, Thesis chapters and so on. This company offers mainly the following types of services:

  • Writing assignments- we are not sure if they include here essays and other similar types of papers
  • Full courses- their team of experts will complete full courses for you
  • Online courses- experts complete even online courses for you
  • Full degrees- you can easily delegate an entire program to the experts available at the company

We consider that the service offers very little in terms of help for a college or high school student. Students are not looking for someone to actually take courses instead of them, but they are looking for help with their important papers. We truly wanted to see that they offer important services such as proofreading, editing, essay writing, personal statement essay writing, and even Thesis or Dissertation paper writing. These are the most popular types of papers required in colleges and universities.


Pricing represents an extremely important factor when it comes to services offered for students. We know that students cannot afford to pay a fortune on a paper they need for class. This is why we have researched for you the prices charged by Paymetodoyourhomework:

  • Full Classes services- starting at $99 per package. However, they do not explain exactly what the price covers. We know from experience that you may end up paying even $500 or more
  • Finals – starting at $119 per final- if for one exam you need to pay $119, and you need to take about 10 exams, it means you have to take out of pocket more than $1,000
  • Essays and different papers starting at $29 per page. However, when they add other details, the price can jump up to even $60 or $70 for one single page

We consider that the prices charged are very expensive. One student cannot afford to pay $1,000 for a few exams, or up to $500 or more for a 10-page essay. We do not like the fact that they do not explain in detail what the respective price entails. They say that prices start at a given amount, but that means they will keep adding to the final cost until it can become extremely high.

Discounts & Additional features

Is pay me to do your homework legit? This is a question that you may ask. Yes, the company is legit but it does not mean this is the best service out there. We know from experience that discounts are extremely important for students, because these help them save important money on each order. Unfortunately, this service does not offer any type of discount. Most top reputable companies offer discounts of 10% or even 20% on first orders. Then, they offer loyalty scale based discounts of up to 15% and they also have seasonal discounts.

Here, you will not have access to any discount, so you need to pay the full price for any service that you choose. Pay me to do your homework can be a good solution for those looking for help with a homework task. However, we do not recommend the rest of the services. Firstly, because they are extremely expensive and secondly, because they do not offer good quality services.

As an additional feature, we noticed they have a few blog posts that could be helpful for students. Some of the titles discuss how to overcome test anxiety, how to get your art degree faster, or how to improve your writing skills using different online platforms.

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