Essaybot is not an actual essay writing service. In fact, it doesn’t even resemble one. Writing companies are led and employ actual experts who take your paper title and any instructions you have and create a written piece based on that. As the name of this service tells you, Essaybot is an artificial intelligence tool that automates your writing process.

So, you don’t get actual replacement in writing the paper. You still get help, but from an automated tool that assists you while you’re writing the paper on your own. This means that the website is not a tool for those who don’t have time to write their essays.

Time: EssayBot Possible Deadlines, Papers Delivery, and Delays

Time is a relative thing here. There isn’t such a thing as a discount on a page that’s based on an AI tool. Seeing how there’s literally no actual service they perform except for giving you access to the tool, you can’t choose a deadline or quality option. After all, you’re the one who has to write the essay. The tool only helps you.

So, it all comes down to how fast you’ll write and how much the tool will help. According to the website, offers more than just writing help. When you write down your essay’s title, it will automatically research the topic and have some introductions ready for you to use. You can’t use them unless you rewrite them – otherwise it is plagiarism. The ready pieces are actually work found on the net, which would make them stolen content if you submit them as such.

You can choose not to use their pieces and write your own work. Once you do that, you’ll be directed to an empty page that looks like a Word document. Here, the tool will highlight your errors and give you some suggestions. Then you can use their plagiarism checker and the citation generator.

Price: prices range, discounts, payment options and free features

At first, it looks like this is a free site to use. It’s only natural to think this way. Nowhere on their website is it said that you’d be asked to pay for a subscription to download the essay you write here or use their services.

It isn’t expensive, but the payment they request after you’ve put your effort into writing an essay there is really frustrating and unfair. Why would they scam students into thinking that they’ve found a free tool that will help them when writing?

You should know that if you use this tool and the ‘services’ that come with it, you’ll have to buy one of the following subscriptions:

  • A week-long subscription of $2.95
  • Monthly subscription of $9.95
  • Yearly subscription of $59.40

For an AI tool that’s as basic as this one, the prices are even a bit exaggerated, especially their monthly subscription. There are many similar bot tools online that perform these same things, including free citation generators and good plagiarism checkers. We basically don’t see a reason why students would pay to get these things. Perhaps that’s why they’ve decided to reveal their pricing system only after you write your essay. When you spend time writing, you can hardly afford to give up on it and start fresh just because they tried to charge you for a download.

Quality: EssayBot papers quality and writers academic level

We can’t really rate the paper quality here since it will depend on the actual writer – the user of the website. There isn’t an actual done service they offer here. Their written introductions, the ones they share with you when you start writing the paper are found online and can vary in quality. Regardless, you can’t use these. Those are the work of others and the tool simply finds them with an automated search. You can literally do the same with the help of a search engine.

Their automated editing and suggestion features aren’t really popular with the audience. We could see why – they aren’t really effective in finding mistakes and most of the suggestions make no sense at all. The plagiarism checker is good, but the generator is really messy.

Verdict for EssayBot writing service

Once we found out that this isn’t a writing service, we were a bit disappointed. Still, those who can’t afford to buy papers might want to use such a tool to reduce the time needed to write one on their own. However, isn’t free as it seems before you write your essay. They don’t tell this to their website visitors until they need to download a paper, which is the biggest scam we’ve seen with such tools. At that point, you can’t afford to lose your paper and you’d have to pay for their membership.