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Once we opened the homepage of the company named Coolessay, the first thing we noticed was a page called Money Back. Many companies have guarantees for refunds, but very few share the details about those guarantees. Then, when you decide to ask for a guarantee, they reject you and you have no ground for complaint. However, this website has an entire page that describes their money-back policy.

It sounds good as long as you haven’t read it. Once you read it, you’ll realize that this company is not a fair one at all, and they aren’t afraid to show it. Apparently, if they delay your paper, they’ll only pay you the difference between your deadline and the next one. Since you’ll miss your deadline at school, what good is this ridiculous guarantee? Then, they even mention a 10% refund in case of missed deadlines, and they say that they might reach out to you to extend the deadline and if they do, you aren’t entitled to any kind of a refund, so you basically have to wait.

This was all terrible and frustrating, especially since our research of the service showed that they often miss deadlines. That’s only the first thing we learned. Keep reading for more.

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All across the website, there’s no mention of a full service list or other papers than essays. Even the pricing table gives you no option to choose a paper. When you get to the order form, you’ll finally get access to their full service list.

The list is good, but only those who proceed to this part can see it. We can imagine that there are many students who leave the pages, thinking that they only offer essays. To be more, CoolEssay offers the same price for any type of paper. Their rates are based solely on academic level, deadline, and number of pages ordered.

Prices Overview

Cool Essay is a cheap service. In fact, it’s a very cheap service. They charge half of what the popular companies charge – $10 per essay with a deadline of 14 days. This is the price for a high school student, while the highest starting price for this same deadline is $27 per page for PhD level. Interestingly, you get the same price if you order within one week, and you get the same price if you order an essay or a dissertation.

We found this pricing to be really strange, especially considering that all papers require a different approach and some are much more complicated than others. To be more, you can order dissertation months ahead, but the last applicable price is that for two weeks. Seeing how they have a single price list for any writing service, their system is definitely a strange one.

Discounts & Additional Features

There’s an entire page for discounts that you can access from the bottom of the homepage. But, don’t be hopeful about it – it says nothing about the discounts. It only tells readers that the company has many discounts and is really generous. After telling you that they have regular, first-time customer discount, limited offer discount, holiday discount, low-season discount, etc., they ask you to contact the support.

In the end, there’s a code for 7% discount, but they still say that you should reach out to the support.

If you want a discount here, you have to ask for it.

Well, that’s exactly what we did. We reached out to the support that took forever to respond to our question on the live chat. Funny enough, the person there offered us a code for a 5% discount, while we already had the code for a 7% discount that we found on the website.

Naturally, we used the bigger one. The agent obviously didn’t know about this little mishap on their website, so we got ourselves 7% off the paper. This isn’t a big discount, but since the price was good to begin with, we didn’t complain.

But, when the paper came, we did complain. We complained about the terrible quality and the amount of plagiarism in it. And, we complained about the missed deadline. They delivered it three hours after our deadline and said that we aren’t entitled to anything, not even those 10% they weren’t shy to mention on the website.

There aren’t any special features on the site, nor there are good guarantees that would keep you safe. The prices at Cool Essay are excellent and you can use some of their small discounts to make them better. But in the end, it all comes down to quality of service that this company, unfortunately, doesn’t have at all.

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