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With a curious design and some really impressive offers, the Paperhelp website definitely looks like a site that you’d want for your papers. Even so, the majority of Paperhelp reviews outside their pages don’t even slightly resemble the testimonials they’ve posted. In our experience, this is really bad news, and the biggest red flag you could find.

But, since reviews can be faked or picked by the service, we still proceeded without any bias, hoping to find out which side of the paper help reviews is the accurate one. You already know the rating we gave this company but if you want to learn the reasons behind that choice, read our Paperhelp review.

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Before you go to check the prices, discounts, or learn about any other features, you should know what you can get at this company. Paper Help did wonderfully at this point, which is why they got some points in our evaluation. This is the spot where students can get anything, and we’re talking about students from any institution or academic level. They also have more than a decent choice of deadline options, which means that they can rush your paper and deliver it the same day, or you can order weeks ahead and get a much finer price.

There’s hardly anything we could think of that these writers don’t offer to write. You’ll find essays there, research papers, all kinds of projects, theses, term papers, and dissertations. You can also get someone to edit or proofread your paper, do a presentation for you, or complete a complicated project. All in all, this makes for quite a great list. Unfortunately, it might just be the thing that ruined their reputation in the first place. After all, most of the bad feedback applies to complex papers, which means that they don’t have writers that are qualified enough to tackle that huge list.

Prices at PaperHelp

This is a really cheap paper and to our big surprise, it doesn’t matter what kind of writing from scratch you need. No matter if you need an essay or something as grand as a dissertation – the price will be the same. This is a strange and silly system and we didn’t like it at all. Prices are based simply on deadlines and academic level, nothing else.

But since is really cheap, many will definitely jump to the chance to order there. If you choose to do so, you might be asked to pay as little as $10 for a page of any piece of writing for high school level, $12 per page for college level, $18 per page for university level, and $20 per page for PhD level. As long as you order 20 days ahead, it doesn’t matter what paper you need.

Not only are the prices too good to be true, but the system is really strange and untrustworthy. Most companies that actually have good testimonials like Paperhelp brags about charge more than $20 for the lowest academic level for complex paper, and for much longer deadlines, too.

Discounts & Additional Features

It’s an even bigger shock when such a cheap service offers you discounts. This company took this one step further and offered 3 types of discounts to us! First, they offer what they call to be limited time new customer discount of 15%. The paperhelp discount code for this has lasted for a long time based on testimonials, so we wouldn’t put our trust into this marketing statement after all.

Nevertheless, it’s an unexpected offer. To be fair, it is a bit worse than it sounds since only 5% are applied to your first order. Based on its cost, you get 10% credits to use on future orders. Since our order was of devastating quality and came almost a day late, we don’t ever plan to use those credits. And judged by their reputation, many customers share the same opinion.

In addition to this, they have 5% and 10% discounts on bulk orders of $500 and $1000. These are pretty hard to achieve considering that even the biggest papers here will cost really little, so you might want to skip this offer.

As for their additional features, there are many of them. Everything is clearly presented on the prices page for visitors to see. You can pay extra for features like VIP customer support or plagiarism report. The interesting thing is that their original prices are so low that choosing these options might cost you more than the paper itself. Still, they are optional so you don’t necessarily have to go for them.

Based on everything we have discussed here, we couldn’t possibly put a fine word for the Paperhelp company.

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