Review of is a website that offers professional academic writing services to students in English-speaking countries. Their site looks quite impressive, with a modern and clean design. If you were to judge the company based on their website, you’d likely think that they were among the top essay writing services on the internet.

When you start digging deeper and analyze different pages on the website, you start to see that they may not be as professional as you initially thought. Aside from four writers, they don’t really mention who else is on their team or even how many employees they have. The lack of this basic information made us extra careful when we signed up for their services.

You can learn more about our thoughts on this website by reading this ProPapers review.

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One thing that’s good about this academic writing company is the wide range of services that they offer. Regardless of whether you’re still in high school or writing your dissertation, you can find the right type of assignment help on this website. Some of the assignments they help students with include coursework, term papers, research papers, case studies, speeches, and more.

Customers who have finished their studies have the option of ordering a custom CV or resume. Entrepreneurs looking to start their own business can order a business plan. There are also editing and proofreading services available, as well as PowerPoint presentation services.

Considering that the company can attract a large customer base, the first thing we wanted to find out when we were writing our review was if they could be trusted. We asked ourselves “is Pro Papers legit?” and began to search for relevant information.

Although the list of services they provide is impressive, that doesn’t really mean much if their quality of writing isn’t on a high level. So, that’s exactly what we were determined to find out. We ordered a few academic papers from this website and waited several days to receive them. We have to say that the company delivered the papers on time, but we weren’t happy with the writing.

After feeling like we didn’t get our money’s worth, we started to look at what other people were saying about this website. We soon learned that the majority of their customers weren’t too happy with the writing quality. It’s not that the quality is terrible and unusable, but you certainly expect more when you pay someone for writing help.


One of the main reasons why we expected to receive top quality writing is because this company charges the same prices as most other academic writing services. For some assignments, they may charge a dollar or two less than the industry average, but in most cases they have the same prices as some of the most reputable writing companies on the internet.

There are two things that impact the price of their services, and that’s the deadline and academic level you choose. Let’s say that you wanted to order an essay at the university level and set a 20-day deadline. In this case, their services would set you back $13.99 per page. However, most students never order this far in advance.

If you need your essay written in a rush, you have the option to choose a 6-hour deadline. With an order like this, you’d have to pay $36.99 per page. Regardless of how much you pay, in our opinion, it would be too much. As you’ve learned from our Pro Papers review, the quality doesn’t justify the price at all.

Discounts & Additional Features

This website offers lifetime discounts to loyal customers. For instance, when you complete your first order, you receive a 5% discount on all future orders. This discount increases to 10% after your fifth order, and to 15% following the completion of your 15th order.

They do have some additional features, but nothing that’s particularly impressive or stands out. Like nearly all academic writing services, they guarantee on-time delivery and plagiarism-free content. They also have a money-back guarantee that was created to ensure that every customer is satisfied with the papers they received. Nevertheless, some students note that they didn’t get a refund despite requesting it.

They also have great things to say about their customer support, but talking with them was quite frustrating in our experience. It takes hours at a time to receive a reply to a simple question. What we do have to note is that the company promises confidentiality and takes the necessary steps to protect the identities of their customers, which is a big plus. Although it’s not recommended that you use their services due to poor quality, know that your identity will be safe if you do.

It’s advised that you do your research on this company and read a few reviews online before you decide to create an order. Our advice is to search for different academic writing services, as you’ll be able to find alternatives with better writers.

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