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A service that has over 1700 writers to do their customers’ papers should have a lot on their hands. That is the impression that leaves visitors when they open the homepage. However, we don’t see how a service has so many approved works and VIP service extras orders – when they have such a bad reputation!

If you step outside this website that is obviously well-marketed, you’ll find many write my paper reviews that say all the opposite things from what you read on the website. We literally found three times more negative reviews than positive, so nothing is like presented on the website.

But, does this make scam? We don’t think that this company steals money or shares your little secrets when you order from them. But by the end of this review, you will learn why we have given it such a bad rating.

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No matter what kind of paper you want and need, this service has it. They don’t list everything that comes to mind, but they have an option other. If you believe what their website says, you can use this option to request a paper that’s not on the list.

The list is big regardless. You’ll find their most popular papers, which are basically the most frequently assigned ones like essays and research papers. Then, there are the big, final papers – dissertations and theses. They have editing and proofreading services, admission services, projects like capstone projects, marketing and business plans, etc.

You can also get projects like presentations and speeches here, get your programming or physics assignment completed, etc. In other words, the list is big, which is probably why they need so many writers in the first place.


Well, at this point we realized why there are so many students who keep ordering here despite the bad reputation. Many probably don’t even check testimonials regarding the quality because of the affordability of the service. Write My Papers have used a really common marketing trick – low prices.

However, when companies use this kind of tricks, the quality is usually disastrous. It is obvious – you cannot expect anything to be as great as they say when you pay them less than $11.99 per page! We say less because this is the original price as in their pricing table. The real price is the one with the added discounts, which gets lower than this, even.

Most companies that have deserved the higher places in our rating list have rates that are almost double from this company. This does not make them expensive – it makes this one unreasonably cheap.

Let’s take a look at the rest of the prices. Professional level probably applies to the highest academic levels, though this isn’t indicated anywhere. Even so, the rates are pretty low for this too. You can order a PhD paper at $19 per page, and that is before you add the discounts.

To some this might sound like a great offer, but to us, it is a big red flag. We were right to have our doubts, of course. The service delivered exactly what we read about in those testimonials – a plagiarized, bad essay that no student could make use of.

Discounts & Additional Features

FIRST7 is the discount code that you can use on your initial order. It’s easy to miss this one since it only shows at the bottom of the page, so some might not even notice it. It isn’t automatically added when you sign up, so make sure to use it if you decide to order here.

Yes, this is pretty much the smallest discount you can get. We have once seen a company with 5% newcomers’ discounts, but only once. However, with these kinds of rates, even this discount is a surprise here.

For the rest of the discounts, there’s a peculiar loyalty program. When you make the first order, 10% of the money you spent will show as a bonus on your account. You can use all the bonuses you’ve gathered based on what you’ve ordered before when you want on a paper. It’s not the common loyalty program we usually find online, but still, it’s an unexpected one.

As for the additional features, their VIP feature is one of them. They mention on the site that many customers pay for this, though we didn’t get that impression from reading the testimonials. We didn’t find any other special features worth mentioning.

Bottom line is, Write My Papers did not impress us at all. Their website looks marvelous and the small prices sure look enticing. However, this service is known to deliver bad quality, which for us – is completely unacceptable.

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