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The very first thing we noticed about is how disorganized their website is. It might be the hasty design or the amount of information found there, but there’s something seriously frustrating about looking at the website. Checking the information on TopEssayWriting took us more time than checking any other website and the worst part was – most of it was repetitive and not at all useful.

However, we read it all before writing this review, ordered a paper, and checked the reputation. What we should tell you first is that the Topessaywriting reviews on the website are probably selected by the service or written by them – the reputation of the company outside the website is pretty much the opposite of great.

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It is very hard to find the list of services on the website, so we would recommend checking the calculator. They have a menu you can choose from and you’ll find all your options there.

After looking at it, we concluded that the list isn’t too great, but it isn’t bad at all. It has essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, articles, and some other useful services that most students need when they can’t meet a deadline.

This list is not as full as those of the popular companies, but it is sufficient for a service that doesn’t seem to be on the web for too long. They don’t share their year of establishment, but the Top Essay Writing reviews we read tell us that it is probably not more than five or six years since they started.


Unlike the services list, they have a separate page for prices. You’ll probably like these very much – they are quite appealing. A two-week deadline essay would cost a high school student only $12.99 for a page. It’s considerably low and with a discount, one of the lowest rates you can find.

Interestingly, the rate at which the prices grow is not at all high or bad. In fact, the difference is the smaller we have seen. The same paper costs $14.44 per page if ordered within 10 days and $14.99 per page if ordered within 7 days. As you can see, there’s hardly a difference in the pricing even though the deadlines are three days apart.

Prices as low as these ones should alert you that something might not be good. This is why we recommend checking a company’s reputation before ordering. In this case, it was the right move, because the company’s reputation is devastating once you see it. Don’t rely just on the feedback on their website. After our experience, we can say that it is definitely fake or pre-selected.

Discounts and Additional Features

A top special offer can be found at the bottom of each page you order, offering you a code that gives you a 13% discount on your first order. When we read the testimonials, we got the impression that this offer is long-standing. In addition to that 13 %, there are also lifelong discounts of 5%, 10%, and 15%. Interestingly, these don’t depend on how much you spend, but how many orders you make. So, even if you make five small orders of one page each, you’re entitled to the 5% off on all future papers. After 10 orders, you get 10% and after 15, you get 15% off – forever

Unfortunately, only a few seem to stick around to reap this benefit after ordering for the first time. The reputation with the quality is very bad, we hardly see anyone going back to order more, not to mention order five different papers to get the first loyalty discount.

The paid features that can be selected in the order form include 1-page summary of the paper, UK writer, or a specific writer you’ve ordered from. To our surprise, they ask of you to choose whether or not you want to get night calls. What kind of question is this?

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