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According to the information found on their website, MyPaperWriter is a company that was established in 2009 by two people that wanted to help students increase their academic performance. Today, they have more than 500 writers on their team that provide different writing services.

You would expect that a company that hires so many writers to smoothly handle any assignment they’re given, but a number of students wrote negative MyPaperWriter reviews on the internet saying that they didn’t receive their paper on time. This was one of the first things we heard about this website when we started researching it, so we had to figure out whether this was the truth.

You can find out more about this academic writing service and whether you should sign up for their assignment help by reading this review.

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Judging by the list of services they provide, it’s safe to say that My Paper Writer is a company that likes to keep things simple. Unlike most of the professional academic writing companies on the internet, they offer a limited number of services. This is a company that you should get in contact with if you need help with essays, research papers, term papers, editing, and proofreading.

Typically, an academic writing company that decides to focus on just several services, they usually build a strong reputation with them. This isn’t something that happened to this website, as they aren’t known for their essay or term paper help.

If you ever relied on the help of writing services before, you probably know that you’re usually able to create an order before registering on the website. This is something that you can’t do on This website requires you to create an account before you even create a draft of your order just to see how much it would cost. This is something that came as a surprise to us while we were writing this review.


If you check out the pricing plan on their website, you instantly see that you have three different types of services to choose from – writing, editing, and proofreading. Writing starts at $17.55 per page and ensures that you’ll get original content, accurate referencing, logical structure, and consistent flow. Keep in mind that this is the price only if you select a 10-day deadline and the lowest service level.

The price increases significantly in case you need your paper written in under 3 hours, which is their offer to any student that needs their paper written urgently. Nevertheless, it seems that the writers on this website have trouble meeting even longer deadlines. This is a frequent topic that you’ll come across if you start to read My Paper Writer reviews online.

If you’re interested in their editing services, know that the price starts at $11.70 per page. It comes with free proofreading, removal of irrelevant content, and sentence structure review. Meanwhile, you can pay a starting price of $9.96 per page for professional proofreading that involves an editor checking your spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as eliminating any typos.

Many students who have used these services before generally note that the quality is okay. It doesn’t rank close to some of the best essay writing services on the internet, but it isn’t bad either. But many students argue that the prices are too high for this level of quality.

Discounts & Additional Features

There are currently no discounts for first time customers available on this website. While we were writing this My Paper Writer review, we went through every page on their site to check if new customers can get a lower price on their first order, but this is not an option. The company does have a loyalty program that rewards their customers.

Students who ordered at least 25 pages are eligible for a 5% lifetime loyalty discount. This discount gets increased to 10% if you order more than 50 pages. Finally, the most loyal customers who ordered over 100 pages receive a 15% lifetime discount.

There are some additional features that they claim you get, but this is questionable. For example, the company claims that they check each paper for plagiarism twice before sending it, but this seems highly unlikely. In fact, a few students expressed their thoughts and opinions on this website after using their services and noted how there was plagiarism in the papers they received.

This company claims to have outstanding customer support, but they are far from great. They also claim to hire only the best writers and have more than 500 employees, yet they sometimes don’t send papers on time and provide an average quality of writing. is different than how they portray themselves, which is why you should be careful and think twice before ordering a paper from them.

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