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Testimonials speak loudly about the service and in this case, Wiseessays reviews speak very loudly and often, very badly. Interestingly, we found nothing similar to those reviews on the website. If you only look at the site, you’d think that this is an ideal service, one that everyone loves, no exceptions. Or, as they say: ‘the best writing services for those who need them most’.

Since all of this is contradictory and very confusing, our next step was to, of course, make our own Wise Essays review. To do so, we’ve looked not only at their website, but also at their products by ordering and their reputation by checking what people said.

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The list of services is short. It contains different categories and types, but not nearly enough to impress us or students who often order or seek a good, constant provider. You’ll find their services split into several categories that include academic writing, dissertation services, admission services, editing services, and assignments.

The assignments category is rich and includes presentations, speeches, even group projects. But, the most important one, the one that gets the most interest from students, has little to offer. Under academic writing, you can find essays, term papers, research papers, coursework, case studies, book reviews, articles, and annotated bibliographies. This list is categorized and well-organized, but it’s far from good for regular service.


Unlike the service list, the price list is disorganized and very unfair. Why unfair? Because it is very misleading. There’s a single quote offered for any paper type, without any indication of a deadline or quality. But, to see the real price, you’d have to fill in an order form. This brings many hidden fees and much higher rates, something that ruined our impression of Wiseessays even further.

For example, an essay that was supposed to cost $11.96 for a page cost us over $18 per page for the lowest level available. This might be an excellent quote for a highly rated service, but Wise Essays is far from such a service. They delivered such poor quality, all those reviews were supported instantly.

Discounts & Additional Features

There are plenty of listed additional features, but most of them are just a marketing strategy. For example, the ones that are commonly ordered by every service you’ll come across, such as title page and formatting, are given a price to it, telling the visitors that they save a big amount on every order.

As for the actually paid features, there are only two options. You can either get one of their top writers or choose your own writer. The first is much more expensive than the latter, but if you do know of a good writer’s ID, it is definitely worth it considering how poor the reputation of most writers here is.

The discounts are an entirely different story. This is yet another thing that made so confusing and presented so vaguely to its customers. The homepage speaks of a one-time opportunity to get 15%, while their discount page speaks of the first discount of 20% that seems to be always available. We’ve also found the strangest thing ever – the second order has a discount that’s bigger than the first order or any of the following order. There isn’t a code presented for it, so we weren’t sure how to use it. According to their agents, that offer isn’t always valid. Naturally, it wasn’t valid at the time when we placed our order, and since no one speaks of it in comments, it’s probably another marketing trick.

There’s also a loyalty program that probably applies after you order more than once. Since we weren’t at all happy with our paper, we didn’t return to order more. This program is rather common, but in this case, it is based on strange numbers. The 5% discount is given to those who order 20 to 49 pages. The 10% discount is given to the ones who order 50 to 99 pages. The 15% discount goes to the ones who order over 100 pages. Nevertheless, this is probably one of the very few things that are attractive on this website.

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