Review of has based the majority of their marketing efforts on the pricing. According to them, this company is 30% cheaper than other companies online. This is a really impressive number, but how did they come up with it? With thousands of writing services on the web, many of which are extremely low-priced, this company does not seem to support their statistics with anything.

At some point, we were less concerned about the pricing statistics and more concerned about the quality. The company focuses so greatly on how cheap they are that many students probably don’t stop to read some cheapwritingservice reviews. We did, and as soon as we got our hands on some devastating cheapwritingservice reviews on the Web, we started having serious doubts about the question: is legit?

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The list of services is grand and includes just about everything a student could need. It includes papers available for all academic levels such as essays, articles, reviews, term papers, research papers, coursework, homework, etc. In addition, it offers papers and projects for higher academic levels such as capstone projects, dissertations, admission papers, theses, presentations, programming assignments, etc. And finally, it has some projects that are not so frequent on the market today such as poems, statistics projects, marketing plans, business plans, etc.

Looking back, this was the only positive thing about the service that we immediately liked. But, as soon as we realized that the quality is bad, we stopped valuing their grand service list altogether.


Cheapwritingservice is one of the cheapest available companies out there. Still, we cannot understand why they’d say that they are 30% cheaper than other companies when there are many equally priced companies out there. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single company with these kinds of prices that delivers good quality – at least not that we know of.

Regardless, the prices are cheap here. They are also a bit strange. This service obviously charges the same prices for any kind of paper. You’ll be given a chance to pick one in the calculator, but we realized that the paper type changes nothing at all. Every paper or project costs a minimum of $9 per page for the lowest academic level, $11 per page for the first undergraduate years, and $15 per page for the third and fourth years of undergraduate studies. Even graduate and post-graduate students have cheap prices to choose from – a minimum of $22 and $27 per page, respectively.

Another surprising detail was that, for a service with bad ratings for long deadline deliveries, this company has decided to offer a 4-hour deadline as an option. We already read some testimonials from people who complained of delayed papers with deadlines of days and weeks. This would make it extremely risky to order here with such a short deadline, even though the rates are much better than in other companies.

Discounts & Additional Features

Even though there is a discount code field in the order form, there isn’t a code to use for this site. We looked all across the web and in testimonials, and no one has ever mentioned any discount of any kind. This is disappointing, but understandable since their prices are exceedingly low to begin with.

As for additional features, they have several of them. One of them is extremely surprising, but it clarifies a lot. This company is cheap, but if you want the work of a native English writer, they ask you to pay 30% extra. Despite what they say about their great writers, they basically admit that they work with non-natives, which is what makes students so frustrated in their feedbacks.

In addition to this devastating extra feature, we found some other things you can add to your order. These things include:

  • Expert writer feature at 25% extra
  • Writer with English as a native language at 30% extra
  • One of their top 10 writers at 40% extra
  • Smart paper with comments in the writing at 20% extra
  • Three writing samples written by the writer at $5
  • Copy of the cited sources and links used in the writing process at $14.95
  • Progressive delivery at 10% extra

There’s quite a lot to add to your order and as soon as we opened this page, we realized that this service is not cheap at all, not if you want good quality of content. If you don’t pick any of these features, you’ll get the work of a non-native English speaker, probably no references at all without the copy of the cited sources, etc. Since they have no discounts to offer, this company is by far not a cheap service and if you use their cheap rates, it’s a huge risk in terms of quality and delivery.

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