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With over 50 million words behind team states, they are experts in various types of writing. The website itself is nicely designed and structured, which attracts a lot. However, a beautiful wrapping does not make the candy delicious, and the same works with writing service – a well-designed website is not the sign of excellent writing service.

That is why for our kibin review, we decided to search on the internet and found only a few reviews that looked legit and not ordered from a copywriter. Moreover, there are a lot of writers complaining about this company online. They say that rates the employee receives are extremely low, making it almost impossible for the team to hire qualified academic writers capable of completing any paper type.

Yet, you are interested in how this service works from the customer’s perspective, and we are here to tell you more about Kibin services, prices, discounts, and special features, so after reading this review, you will be able to decide if you are ready to get help from them or not.

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From the very first visit, it is not clear what kind of service Kibin company offers. It looks like the academic writing team, but it does not work that way. And if you had been searching for writing help, this company is definitely not about it. team provides you access to the database of essay samples and editing help you can also purchase. There is no coursework, thesis, dissertation, or any other academic writing service you might be searching online. The company highlights that with their samples, you will be able to create your own paper with ease. Yet, when checking these papers, we are not sure that they can help you write your own since they are pretty standard and you can get access to some of them at public sources without paying any extras.


How much does it cost to get access to the database of the essay papers written by kibin writers? It depends on how long you are planning to use it. If you choose a monthly plan, you will need to pay $ 14.95 for unlimited access to the database of pre-written papers. Additionally, you can get free editing help for one paper of 1000 words.

If you choose a yearly plan, you will pay $ 4.99 for each month, so it will be a one-time payment of $59.95 and get 3800 words edited by their editorial staff for free.  If you need more editing help in the future, you will need to order this service separately, and how much will it cost unknown.

Yet, as we mentioned before, at first glance, their essay papers database is standard, and if you are looking for creative writing, you need to go forward with another team or write a paper yourself. Moreover, we were not able to find any details about the level of papers they offer. Are these crafted for high school, college, or university students?

Discounts & Additional Features

If you are interested, if there are any discounts that you might get from this team, there are none. Of course, a yearly plan costs much lesser than a monthly one, but it is a usual practice when you are buying a package.

So, if you are looking for discounts to get editing help, you will not get any. According to the information we found on the website, to edit one paper of 1000 words, you need to pay $35 or even more.

As for additional features, there are several we wanted to share with you. The first one is sharable access to the database. So, you can use their essay paper samples with your friends or roommates if you purchase a subscription here.

The other two tools you can find on the website are completely free, and you can use them without any issue. The first one is a paper grader that gives you an opportunity to get the details on your paper’s grade. Yet, there will not be any actionable plan on what should be changed. And another one is a thesis generator that allows to generate the thesis for argumentative and compare and contrast essays.

As you see from our review at this company, you cannot get the writing help you need. And the Kibin reviews we found online claiming that it is the best academic writing service online are all fake. Kibin is the website where you can get access to pre-written papers to see how to write the paper yourself. But everything from the basic research to actual writing you need to do yourself. The only service this company provides is editing help, and it is not cheap. Other companies are charging less for the same work, and they do provide academic writing.

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